Pretty as a Georgia Peach: Monroe Park Family Photos

The last time I saw Georgia’s family, she was 2.5 years old, playing the drums and toddling around the VMFA. So when I saw her skipping down the path of newly-renovated Monroe Park, wand ribbons fluttering in the breeze, I nearly did a double-take. It was the first actual cool fall Saturday of the season, and basking in the sun was a lovely way to spend our time together. 

We played for a few minutes on the path, making mountains out of path rocks, before going for a walk around the fountain, skipping and wand-waving. I told her to say “Cheese” and she obeyed enthusiastically, and then I switched it up on her, naming different fruits and veggies. She’s clearly a summer girl, with favorites like cucumbers and watermelon. 

“Hold hands!” Georgia exclaimed. I love when my clients take charge and know what they want. Her mom and dad swung her high and she responded with giggles and squeals of delight. 

After everyone’s arms got tired, we wandered toward the Cathedral for some family photos, and then found the donated piano that the Monroe Park conservancy installed.

It looked remarkably well-off for having weathered a hurricane two days earlier, although some of the keys didn’t work anymore and it sounded a bit waterlogged. Georgia played as best as she could with half of the keys working. 

Georgia, it was a pure pleasure to see you again, along with your mommy and daddy. Thank you for playing with me in the park! 

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