Procrastinators, Unite

I’m a classic procrastinator. I’ll have the blog post page open on my laptop, cursor blinking, and my phone will beep hello at me. I’ll pick it up, acknowledge the notification, and then dive headfirst into something distracting, for a full hour. Tonight, like many nights, the distracting trumpet was Instagram. I saw a post from a friend, which led to me flipping back through a year’s worth of photos of my son, reading captions and being re-flooded by emotions buried by newer memories.

infant photography

Thank goodness for photographs. I have filled my phone and dumped thousands of pics to Google Photos twice, and continuously leave my camera in strategic locations around the house so I can grab it and shoot when inspiration strikes. I do wish I’d had a professional on standby for all those milestone family shoots (procrastination won there as well), but the ones we managed to take at home monthly still give me heart eyes.

If you’re a procrastinator like me, and you’ve found that it’s gotten worse since becoming a parent, you might think it’s too late for your kiddo, and get overwhelmed and paralyzed as you think about what choices lay before you now and what you’ve already missed. You have options, though.

If your little one is still very little, even if they’re a few months old, try this Milestone Package on for size. 3 sessions, 5 free digital images from each session, and a book at the end to capture it all in one place. (Don’t need a book? Swap it for a big canvas or some prints as part of my a la carte option.)

If you’ve passed all the first year milestones, don’t fret! A family Essential Session will give you enough photography time for the kiddo to show off all their newest “tricks,” 8 free digital images from the session, and $100 print credit accompanied by a professional’s assistance in deciding the best way to show off those baby pearly whites.

It’s not too late, and I’m here to help! Just shoot me a line. This is a perfect time of year for an in-home session.

You can’t even tell that I’m in my pajamas in this one.