A Brief Rant

I don’t have a long post today, just a brief rant on our country.

I’m convinced that laws are created in our country by people who have never been parents, or by people who were parents so long ago that they no longer remember what it’s like. Laws that directly affect parents and young children, like parental leave and healthcare laws, deserve their own complete rant. Laws that separate parents from their children if they walk into our country or even come legally looking for asylum are another thing altogether. This particular practice raises my blood pressure to boiling and makes me ashamed to say I’m American. How dare we think we’re so much better than everyone else. How dare we say that we have so little space in our land that people looking for safety for their children will be greeted with jail bars and will have their infant children taken from them. How did we lose our humanity? How can we act so unloving, and then quote the Bible in our own defense? It’s beyond infuriating and heart breaking. I have a five month old child, and can’t imagine being in the position of having him snatched from me for crossing into the promised land, or as I seek asylum.

What can we do, so far away from the southern border, where the majority of these separations are occurring? We can sign petitions. We can donate to those who are equipped to help. We can treat our neighbors better than our country treats its neighbors. We can empathize, as parents who haven’t been separated from our children in a foreign land as we attempt to escape poverty, war, and corruption. We can spread the word, because awareness and education lead to outrage and a tidal wave of insistence that something change, immediately. And we can contact our legislators, and make them earn that money we give them. There’s an event on Friday, if you’re in Richmond.

Rant over. Don’t get mad. Get busy.