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The Return of Carter – Three Lakes Park

I find it wonderful that I have lived in Richmond for 18 years and can still visit a park for the first time.  My return clients know that I suggest locations for sessions, but I also love when they ask for a particular place. I was excited when Beth suggested we go to Three Lakes Park, since I’d never been. 

Richmond family photographer

I love exploring, wandering through a park and discovering photogenic nooks.We find little areas of rocks and trees that make perfect photo locations, and interesting things to talk about, like funky mushrooms, picnic shelters with skylights, and random people fishing. 

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We did all of that when I met Beth and Carter at Three Lakes Park earlier this month. A cold front had rushed through the night before and the ground was still wet from the deluge of rain. The sun was shining brightly though, and filtered beautifully through the leaves that were still clinging to the trees.

Three Lakes Park

The best part about Three Lakes Park is that they named it aptly, and we weren’t disappointed. We walked barely 100 yards before coming upon our first water feature (a lake) and found some amazing reflections from the autumn color across the water. 

We reminisced about the first time we got together, four short/long years ago. I remembered we played in the Monument Ave leaves and toddled around in a bear hat. Carter didn’t remember any of that. He was more interested in learning what a “shelter” is, and listening to me try to explain why this particular shelter had no walls and a skylight. 

We found a dock shaped like a capital T, then found our reflection in the pond. Near the picnic shelter, we watched a couple cast off and fish, and a lady throw a stick for her dog to fetch. We honked at geese who honked back at us, and found a mushroom with a fairy-tale cap coming out of the ground. 

I so enjoyed our romp together, and I’m always glad whenever my clients return for another session! Thanks, Beth and Carter, for hanging out with me on a delightful fall morning. 

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