backyard mother-daughter photos

Richmond Backyard Mama / Daughter Photos

“HELLO ALLISON!!!!” I heard a small voice shout through the screen door as I pulled my gear out of the car. “MY NAME IS AVERY!!!” I walked around the house to the backyard while Avery and Stephanie finished getting ready inside. A few minutes later, Avery bounded out the back door, sans shoes. She had all the questions for me, and asked them in a breathless run-on sentence. I laughed and answered her: I was there to take photos of her and her mom, the gear in my backpack was a camera and extra lenses, I have two kids, no I didn’t bring them, and yes, I was very excited to take her picture.

She plopped down on the back steps for approximately 5 seconds and then ran back into the house to check her mom’s progress, and then ran back outside moments later to announce she couldn’t find her shoes. I fussed at this child I had never met, like the true mom-of-toddlers I apparently am, and gently chided her about being shoeless outside in December. She was unfazed, and skipped back inside, returning with newly-discovered (very cute) boots.

When she returned, we headed for the swing set, and she mused about how much she missed her Mimi while she swung back and forth and I snapped away. Stephanie joined us and we flitted around the backyard in the pale December afternoon light. Avery and Stephanie (“her name is Stephanie but her nickname is Mommy so that’s what I call her”) clearly have a close bond and it was so wonderful to capture their interactions together as they laughed, ran, twirled, and danced like Elvis in the sunshine.

We finished our mini session and Stephanie walked me out to the car while Avery ran back into the house. I put my bag in the front seat and was walking around to the driver’s side when I heard, “BYE ALLISON!!! I LOVE YOU!!” from the screen door. Awwww, Avery. I love you too! Thank you both for such a fun and energetic backyard session. I can’t wait to see you again!

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