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I’ve mentioned before that I’m working on a “shoot around the house” project this spring. I actually started this 100 day project on Valentine’s Day, a whole month before we went into isolation procedures, and I had no idea when I started that it would be the way I would cling to photography this spring. Having this project to work on while I’m stuck in the house every day has really helped me stay focused (pun not intended) and not stop shooting. I’ll be honest: it’s been a hard project. We aren’t doing exciting things around here, and days tend to melt into one long blob of sameness. It’s been a challenge to find new things and angles to shoot.

baby portraits from around the house

My kids have had varied reactions to seeing the camera out every day. The toddler rolls his eyes and ignores me, while the infant is growing to like seeing it. If I’m shooting him, I have to be prepared for a lifestyle approach, where he largely ignores me and I can just document his actions and movements. However, since she is so into the camera, and not really “doing” much as a 6 month old, she stares down the barrel of my lens and most of her photos turn into portraits.

Shoot around the house

I could end up with a lot of pictures of my boy playing, and a lot of baby portraits that look the same. So I have to be creative in the ways I shoot around the house. I experiment with different rooms, and different times of day. I’ve shot in bright, direct sunlight on our reflective concrete driveway, and in the deep shadows of a TV room blanket fort. I have used gray skies and diffused light to create moody photos, and bright sunshiney afternoons to make silhouettes and sun flares. I’ve shot from standing, and sitting, and kneeling, and on my belly, trying to get different, interesting angles.

Richmond VA family photographer

I’m sharing some of these angles and experiments this Thursday, April 30 at 1:30 PM in a free, 30-minute Zoom class on Finding Light. If you’re stuck at home and looking for a creative outlet, or are frustrated with the photos you’re taking on your phone of your kids, this might be helpful. I’ll go over the different angles of light, the different types of light, and how to use each to your advantage as you shoot around your house. You don’t need a camera to find the light. You can use your phone and use the same principles I’m going to review.

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