Simple and Fun Family Photos

What do you think of when you imagine family photos? Do you picture the stiff poses from your own Awkward Family photos, or maybe feel a little triggered from your mom whispering threats and violence if you didn’t sit still and smile in those uncomfortable tights or suspenders? (Or maybe you were that mom…?)

If this has been your experience, I can understand your hesitation and suspicion when I say that my goal is to make family photos simple and fun. I hear you scoff, “hah – simple. HAH. FUN.” It’s true though; it’s possible to have fun and enjoy your family photos. If you’re still struggling to believe me, read what previous (and current) clients have said:

Melissa said that “Allison made this whole process easy, stress-free and fun! And we could not be happier with the end result. I have two young boys, and they did not complain even once about the photo shoot!! We all had fun! Thank you so much!”

Winter photos

Jon and Mary-Anne were out of town clients who got me to drive to North Carolina and said that I “made the whole process effortless.”

Couples photography

Lindsey’s first session was a “totally relaxing, stress-free experience” and when she came back for seconds, she said “Allison is the most laid back, easy going photographer to work with, and she is so approachable and professional, the entire experience felt so natural. We didn’t feel awkward or out of place at all.”

Autumn family photography

Christy says I make family photos “super easy and fun.” I consider her an expert; we’ve gotten together four years in a row!

I went to Dori’s house for a lifestyle session with her 12-day-old baby girl. She would say I’m easy to work with. “She will make the experience less stressful for you and accommodates your needs during a very hectic time.”

Richmond newborn photos

In an effort to make things even simpler in 2019, I created family photo packages with three options. All of them have the same level of service, and the same goal of fun and simple family photos. The major difference is the length of time you’d like to spend with me, and the locations that are available. (It’s hard to walk across the river and around Belle Isle in 30 minutes, for example.)

The primary change I made to my offerings for families, aside from creating three tiers of times and location options, is that I’m now including a select number of digital images with each package. The goal of including a small number of digital images is to make the process even easier for you to get the photos you really love, while leaving you some extra cash to print a canvas or book to remember your time together.

If you’re looking for a simple and fun family photography experience, check out the options I’ve created and let me know which version works best for you!

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These are all beautiful photos!
Very nice work!


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