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Why hello, Spring, good of you to finally join us. We’ve been waiting for you for what seems like forever. The pollen hasn’t had a chance to cover the world in a yellow-green film yet, there aren’t any annoying insects out, the daffodils are just starting to bloom… it’s nearly perfect.

It’s been so long since we’ve seen you though, it’s hard for me to leave the house without the safety of a coat. I’m comfortable with the wool layers, the boots and leggings, the gray on black color palette… I need some spring inspiration, and I assume I’m not the only one who does. How about a spring mood board to get the inspiration flowing? What’s a mood board, you ask?  A mood board is a collage or collection of images, text and textures that lend to a common theme or mood. (Yeah, I used the word in the definition. I’m going to allow this.) Pinterest is basically a big collection of mood boards, but people tend to separate their Pinterest boards into different categories, like Fashion, Food, or Interior Design. My mood board is all about Spring – things that make me think about spring and make me happy. Maybe it will inspire you as you prepare a wardrobe for spring photos, or try a new spring recipe, or add a pop of color to your decor, or all of the above. See the source list below the image for info on where to find all of these things.

Spring 2015 Mood Board

Sources of the Spring 2015 Mood Board, from top to bottom:

1) Voladoras, by Nicky Marrero

2) Marsala: Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year

3) Handmade mohair knit dress by Suzanne Karnes. Photo by Jared Karnes

4) HONEY pendant, made by Onetribe, an RVA small business

5) Baroque Print Maxi Skirt, by Apostolic Clothing

6) My own photo of a pomegranate

7) “Everything looks perfect from far away” is a lyric from Iron & Wine’s song, Such Great Heights. I just recently learned he was a VCU alum. Anywho, as a reminder, it’s better not to compare your life (which you see very closely) to someone else’s life, which you can only see from far away.

8) My own photo of a peachy sunset

9) Gold Pineapple Print, by Amy & Maya at field trip, on Etsy.

10) Styling your Bridesmaids Along With Their Bouquets, Green Wedding Shoes blog

11) Citrus, carrot, ginger juice


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