A Little Pre-Summer Fun

Summer is finally here! It’s my favorite time of year, full of happy childhood memories of running through the woods, drinking straight from the garden hose, and going to the beach. Summer isn’t quite complete for me without a trip to the beach, and we typically like to wait until September and go after everyone’s kids are back in school. However, this year that’s not really possible, so we decided to go before everyone’s kids got out of school, and spent last week at the beach.

Of course, spring being what it is, we managed to catch the three cold days in May (cold at the beach being 70 degrees and windy) and didn’t spend much time putting our feet in the water. We did do a lot of fun things during our three day jaunt down 64E, though. We spent an afternoon at Mount Trashmore, climbing up stairs and running down hills, swinging on swings and sliding down slides. I learned that the slides on the playground are really not made for pregnant adults, and I had to contort my body in ways I didn’t have to do the last time I was on a curvy slide, but the toddler had a blast and all that running tuckered him right. out.

Summer lifestyle photography

We also got a chance to go to the Virginia Aquarium, which was the perfect way for us to spend a morning. The VA Aquarium has great indoor exhibits but also some outdoor nature trails that allowed little legs to get some exercise and get some “outside voice” time without scaring away all the fish.

Beach or no beach, we had a blast getting away and resetting to start the summer. We might have to start a new “before summer” tradition!

Richmond summer toddler photography

Want to see more summer fun? Check out this throw-back round-up post from a few years ago and all the fun we had!

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  1. GREAT pictures! What a fun trip.
    And the re-cap photos were beautiful too.
    Happy summer!

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