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All the Goals

I like to set lots of goals at the beginning of a new season, and the new year is no exception. I love to track and manage and organize goals and watch how I grow and check things off my...Read More
Step Away from the Phone

Step Away from the Phone

My inner monologue sometimes carries a bullhorn to yell reminders at myself from within. It says things like, "don't say that, you'll regret it" or "Stop eating the cookies" or "Go to bed!" Most times, though, it pokes me with...Read More
Newborn Photos

No Sleep til Brooklyn – Church Hill Newborn Photos

I popped into Church Hill last Saturday and parked across from a beautifully renovated home in my favorite shade of blue. I was there for baby Brooklyn's newborn photos, but Ed was the most excited to see me. A 75-pound...Read More