Favorite Photos of 2014

Favorite Photos of 2014

2014 has been quite a year. Grief and loss were thankfully offset by births, weddings, and engagements. Trips and vacations in New York were sandwiched around a summer spent in a boot and physical therapy in Richmond. We played another...Read More

No Tricks, Just Treats – Allison Patel Photography Fall Fest Costume Party

There was a point in my young childhood when Halloween was a bitter time of year for me. My parents didn't allow us to trick-or-treat, and I didn't understand why. They tried to explain it to me - how Halloween...Read More

Spring/Summer Wardrobe Inspiration

Part of my goal as a photographer is to make the process of having photos done easy and simple to understand. One of the things that can really get people stuck as they prepare for their session is the outfit,...Read More