When I got Hacked


It’s been a long few weeks. I got hacked, y’all. My little photography business site got hacked, and being hacked feels a lot like having your car broken into, or your bike stolen off your front porch. You feel silly, exposed, and embarrassed that something like that could happen to you. When you’re the victim […]

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Newborn photographer

Single Parents are Amazing.

I’ve remarked a lot over the last year about how much I’ve learned since having a kid. There are plenty of things that you simply can’t learn until you’ve experienced them hands-on yourself. This is why flight simulators are a thing before people get to fly a plane; all the reading in the world can’t […]

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Lifestyle photographer goals

All the Goals

I like to set lots of goals at the beginning of a new season, and the new year is no exception. I love to track and manage and organize goals and watch how I grow and check things off my list as I go. I have personal goals, professional goals, business goals, Mom goals. I’m […]

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Midlothian maternity photographer

My Own Personal Yearbook

I like to keep cards and notes from the people I care about. When I’m having a hard day, I sometimes like to reread them as a little pick-me-up. They make me smile, and the inside jokes make me laugh, like my own personal yearbook. Along the same lines, sometimes I like to reread my […]

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Enjoy this Time

Enjoy This Time

I get a lot of advice as a new mom. It varies widely, but one thing I hear from almost everyone is “enjoy this time.” Enjoy this time, because it goes so quickly. Enjoy this time, because things will change before you know it. Because it’s harder as they get older. It’s never as easy […]

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Change is afoot

I am Not an Extrovert

I am not an extrovert. I don’t draw my energy from crowds; I don’t enjoy approaching people to make small talk. I am happiest when I’m one-on-one or in a small group of people I know, in a quiet space. I cherish alone time, though that’s pretty hard to find these days. I do enjoy […]

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