Richmond photographer

The Struggle Seems Real

I go through the photos from my infant son's monthly photoshoot, and cringe at the ones I'm in. "The struggle is real," I sigh, hardly recognizing me as me and instead seeing this person who took over for me in...Read More
Frame size

Size Matters

Once upon a time, there lived a girl who covered her bedroom with photos of people she loved. The size didn’t matter; she had professional 8×10 photos hanging beside 5×7’s, casual 4×6’s, and 3.5×5″ prints, and even larger prints that...Read More
Saturday morning ritual

What’s Your Family Ritual?

What is your favorite family ritual? The "tradition" that gives you the warm and fuzzies when you think about it. Is it Saturday mornings, when everyone hangs out in their pajamas, breakfast is all smiley pancakes, and there's nowhere to be...Read More
Richmond VA family photographer

10 Things to Do in Richmond With a Toddler This Summer

Ah, summer. The time of year when the kids live in bathing suits, and you've been to the pool/rolled out the slip 'n slide/made a puddle in the yard more times than you can count. And it's not even technically...Read More