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Procrastinators, Unite

I'm a classic procrastinator. I'll have the blog post page open on my laptop, cursor blinking, and my phone will beep hello at me. I'll pick it up, acknowledge the notification, and then dive headfirst into something distracting, for a...Read More
Simple is Beautiful

Simple is Beautiful

I don't really get into the Royal Family stuff. The royal wedding, the real family... aside from watching (and loving) The Crown, I don't really care about what they're doing on a day to day basis. However, I have apparently looked...Read More
A New Format

Pick of the Month – A New Format

Each month or so, I review one thing in my Pick of the Month series. Whether it’s something neat or necessary, a treat or help with a problem, I think it’s worth sharing. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to find something new...Read More
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Baby Sister’s Photos: No Man is An Isla

I walked up the driveway and could hear Ryan explaining to Nora why I was there. "Remember her? She was here last summer and we played in the backyard..." Nora's 2 year old forehead furrowed and then relaxed as she...Read More
Newborn Photos

No Sleep til Brooklyn – Church Hill Newborn Photos

I popped into Church Hill last Saturday and parked across from a beautifully renovated home in my favorite shade of blue. I was there for baby Brooklyn's newborn photos, but Ed was the most excited to see me. A 75-pound...Read More