I Want You to Kick It Old School

I shoot digital photography. Like 99% of my colleagues, I use current technologies, not old school methods, to run my business. I use a digital camera to create photos of you and your family. Then, I use software to edit...Read More
Prints or Digital Images?

Which is the Better Deal: Prints or Digital?

Photography is confusing. It's classified as Art, which means it's subjective to everyone's opinions of what looks good and what... doesn't look good. But it's also very technical, and accessible by the general public, which means people often look at...Read More
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Too Much of a Good Thing: How Bacon and Photography are Alike

How Bacon and Photography are Alike: The Paralyzing Problem of Too Many Options Grocery shopping on a Saturday is different than shopping during the week. The demographic is different; there are fewer moms with kids, more couples, more guys. There are more...Read More
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Where to Print Photos in 2014, Part Two

Last month on the blog I talked about why you should print more photos instead of leaving them all on your computer. Last week we started talking about where to get them printed, to get the best quality print. This post originally...Read More