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Will You Miss This When It’s Gone?

Will you miss this when it's gone? It's not a matter of "if" something will go away someday. Every step along the way is a phase; it's all temporary, for good or for bad. The question is, will you miss...Read More
Outdoor location myths

Outdoor Location Myths

Last week, I wrote about five indoor location myths, and I thought it would be fitting to follow that up with some outdoor photo location myths. The majority of my sessions are done outdoors, and overwhelmingly during one part of...Read More
5 myths about indoor photography

Indoor Location Myths

In case you've been living in the southern hemisphere or a cave lately, I'm here to tell you that this summer has been Hot. Suffocating humidity and heat has made being outside for more than 5 minutes unbearable for a...Read More
street art festival

Can’t Hold Me Down – RVA Street Art Festival

Last week was the kind of week that breaks you. Family members in the hospital, playing catch-up after vacation, and a can't-let-any-of-the-balls-drop kind of week. I was looking forward to the weekend like a man crossing the desert yearns for water....Read More