When I got Hacked


It’s been a long few weeks. I got hacked, y’all. My little photography business site got hacked, and being hacked feels a lot like having your car broken into, or your bike stolen off your front porch. You feel silly, exposed, and embarrassed that something like that could happen to you. When you’re the victim […]

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Outdoor location myths

Outdoor Location Myths

Last week, I wrote about five indoor location myths, and I thought it would be fitting to follow that up with some outdoor photo location myths. The majority of my sessions are done outdoors, and overwhelmingly during one part of the year: fall. I don’t blame you, the color in RVA is fantastic in autumn, […]

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5 myths about indoor photography

Indoor Location Myths

In case you’ve been living in the southern hemisphere or a cave lately, I’m here to tell you that this summer has been Hot. Suffocating humidity and heat has made being outside for more than 5 minutes unbearable for a good portion of this summer. Photography sessions with your whiny (your words, not mine) family, […]

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A Lesson in Aspect Ratios

Family photos are intimidating for so many reasons. The research that goes into finding a photographer you like; the wrangling of the kids; the location choices and wardrobe selections, and of course, the dreaded “what do I do with my arms” question. You think that once the shoot happens, the hard part is over and […]

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