5 myths about indoor photography

Indoor Location Myths

In case you've been living in the southern hemisphere or a cave lately, I'm here to tell you that this summer has been Hot. Suffocating humidity and heat has made being outside for more than 5 minutes unbearable for a...Read More
Newborn Photos

No Sleep til Brooklyn – Church Hill Newborn Photos

I popped into Church Hill last Saturday and parked across from a beautifully renovated home in my favorite shade of blue. I was there for baby Brooklyn's newborn photos, but Ed was the most excited to see me. A 75-pound...Read More

Lifestyle Photography: A Day in the Life of You

If you've been reading along, you know why you should get your family photos updated, and why you shouldn't wait. You agree on principle but haven't schedule anything yet. You've been working out (not much, but enough to make your...Read More