Tomorrow Will Be Better

“Tomorrow will be better.” It’s something I said to my toddler earlier this week as I was putting him to bed. We had had a particularly difficult day, with lots of crying and gnashing of teeth (literally). I knew that some of that difficulty came from my lack of structure that day, so his pent up energy and frustrations were partly on me. We’d had a tough day, and I saw that he was sad as I put him to bed. “Tomorrow will be better,” I said to him. “Yeah,” he whispered back. “We’ll make brownies,” I said. And he smiled. “Yeah,” he whispered again.

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Making tomorrow better is something we have to actively try to do. It’s easier to isolate, to stay cocooned all day and let the hours get away from us while we wallow. We have to work to make the day into something, have to choose to better ourselves by creating a schedule, finding a project, or putting on clothes. 

I’ve seen so many artists doing their part to make the isolation better. My favorite so far has been Jimmy Fallon doing his show from his house, with his daughters and wife working as his crew. He interviews his guests via Zoom. Lin-Manuel Miranda was his guest the other night and as I listened to him sing “Dear Theodosia” from Hamilton, the song took on a whole new meaning for me. 

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I’m eager to do my part to make tomorrow better. That’s why I’m hosting a Camera Basics tutorial session on Zoom, Wednesday 3/25, at 1:30pm EDT. We’ll discuss DSLR camera basics, as well as some of the modes you can use instead of Auto, while you’re puttering around at home. I’ll talk about the exposure triangle, ISO, shutterspeed, and aperture (or f-stop). I’ll also talk about those letters on the dial on the top of your camera that say P, Av, Tv, and M. It won’t be a long class, only about 30 minutes.

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Topic: DSLR Camera Basics
Time: Mar 25, 2020 01:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Set your calendar to join me! Tomorrow will be better.

Tomorrow will be better