I’m A Trust Fund Baby, You Can Trust Me

We have updated our privacy policy… six little words I can probably live a lifetime without reading again. Like you, I’ve received literally dozens of emails over the past two weeks with that as the subject line, and I’ve read one, or possibly two of them. I’m basically just going to trust that these companies that have my information aren’t going to share it with anyone, pretty much the same way I’ve trusted them up to this point. I’m nearly to the point of offering to pay them if they’ll just stop sending me privacy update emails.

Instead of pushing one more email out into the world with “updated privacy policy” as the subject line, I’m going to tell you here, and now, how and why I use the information you’ve shared with me. It’s important to me that you are able to trust that I won’t use it for nefarious purposes, and that I’ll store it responsibly.


So here it is. If you’re a simple blog reader, I receive no information from you, and I store no information about you. Cheers!

If you’re a newsletter reader, you share your name and email address, and I store these two items on MailChimp’s secure database in order to send you monthly emails. You can read their privacy policy here. I don’t share your name or email address with anyone else, or use it for anything other than to send you emails about APP. (If you’d like to sign up for monthly emails and exclusive content, you can do that here.)

Real Smiles for your Sessions

If you’re a client, you share more personal info with me, which is all used during the photo-creation process, and not shared with anyone else. I store that info on a secure, encrypted database and can share more about that with you if you’re interested. Just contact me with your question.

Whether you’re a general weekly reader, a monthly newsletter subscriber, or a client, you can trust that the information that you share with me is treated with respect and is well-secured. Your trust is important to me.

Also, if you’re wondering about this week’s post title, it’s a reference to this. (WORK.)

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