Universal Language of Family: Newborn Photos in Glen Allen

There is a universal language of family that we all speak without needing to say a word. It’s translated through touch and actions, and I see it written all over the face of family members during newborn sessions. The language is strongest when a child is first born – when they are vulnerable and innocent and the dopamine is flowing hard and fast. Someone I know said it best:

“…despite what would otherwise appear to be a clearly parasitic relationship, the slightest sigh, grin, or mere eye contact is all the payment my soul requires to feel entirely mollified. And so satisfying her blissful gifts are, that I find myself eagerly attending every possible whim, at any personal cost, for just one more.”

I pulled up at Priyanka and Prasad’s house for newborn photos a few minutes before 3:00. I rang the doorbell and a grandparent welcomed me inside with a nod and a smile. We wordlessly went upstairs and he showed me to the family room where the family was bustling about, putting finishing touches on preparations for baby girl’s homestyle cradle ceremony. Prasad was hanging the cradle swing from the ceiling while Priyanka was dressing her new baby daughter in a gorgeous Indian dress and jewelry.

The first cradle ceremony I did for Priyanka and Prasad was nearly 5 years ago, and was incredibly elaborate (you can read about that one here). This one was an intimate, Covid-era affair with family members who have been living under one roof for a good amount of time. The baby at the first ceremony seemed like a giant to me now, as he nears five years old. He wanted to take pictures on the family’s digital camera when he saw me pull out my own gear, and I eagerly said yes. While typically I frown upon family members trying to compete with me for the best angle at a session, I’m not about to stifle a five year old’s creativity. I welcomed him as my assistant, and showed him how to set the camera to Program mode in order to shoot in automatic without the flash going off.

The family wasted no time, and blessed their newest family member with prayers and blessings. Even with a language barrier between us, the universal language of family, love, and devotion was apparent. Every family wants their child to be blessed, to do great things and be a great person. You don’t need to speak the same language to understand love.

After the ceremony was complete, I went with Mom, Dad, and big brother to a bedroom and we got some photos of the family together with the baby.

Big brother is devoted to his new little sister, and it’s not hard to see where he gets it. The same love he has received he now pours out on this new little being, and his parents and grandparents are clearly in love with both of them.

Priyanka and Prasad, I’m so excited for your family and can’t wait to see your two babies growing up together. I wish for you and your family health and happiness and all the love!

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