Into the Great Unknown

I’ve written a lot about life as a mother in the last year, and how much I’ve learned. I’ve mentioned the plethora of things I didn’t know that I didn’t know. Postpartum anxiety and depression, lactation issues, hormones, crying, cluster feedings, the fourth trimester were all unknowns that I wasn’t expecting.

Giving birth is the big expected unknown. It was the unknown that gave me the most anxiety as I grew bigger and more uncomfortable with each passing month, and I didn’t really do much planning beyond that. I hired a doula for that unknown, and will do so again for my second. The peace of mind I got from having a pro in the room who could walk us through the unknowns and twists and turns allowed me to focus on other things, like wondering if I’d ever poop normally again after birth. You know, the important stuff.

Baby Photographer

We need help becoming parents. There’s so much to learn, so much we don’t know as we enter a new world we don’t understand, with the added responsibility of a tiny human who can’t tell you what’s wrong.

The Nurture Birth and Baby Fair is in its fourth year, and it’s chock full of experts who can help you navigate the process of becoming (or re-becoming) a parent, and all the questions and uncertainties that come along with that. The Fair is this Saturday, April 6, between 10am and 3pm, at the Science Museum of Virginia. It’s free, there’s lots of swag, and just talking to the pros and experts will earn you entry into the raffles worth up to $3000.

If you already have kids, there’s still good information to be had on parenting, face painting for kids of all ages, and $2 off your entry into the Science Museum just for coming by the fair!

Into the Great Unknown

Come by and say hi, I’ll be there with some new offerings and info, and would love to see some friends and fans during my five hour shift! Get the rest of the details here.

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  1. I’m excited about this fair. Thanks for being there and making it known, and offering your services. You do beautiful work!

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