VMFA family photos

The River That Flows: VMFA Family Photos

“The river that flows in you also flows in me.” – Kabir

Being a new parent is hard. There are myriad of new things to learn, from sleep schedules to having a new person to fit into your life and fit your life around. It can be overwhelming, even with family around to help. To do it all on your own while living in a strange country, your parents living on the opposite side of the world, is terrifying. When Priyanka contacted me requesting some family photos before her parents headed back to India, I knew I had to get them on the books before they left. Pictures with grandparents and family are even more cherished when that family is far away.

So we met on the first really hot day in July, at the VMFA. I’d done VMFA family photos before, but never when it was so hot and humid. After such a cool Independence Day, July 5th was basically the announcement that summer in RVA had officially arrived. We met at 6pm and begged the sun to find a cloud to hide behind, and found all the shady spots to stand in, in the meantime.

Baby Mukund was amazing, given the weather, and he laughed and gurgled and squealed as we meandered around the VMFA grounds from one beautiful spot to another. We got some photos of Tata and Am’mam’ma (Grandfather and Grandmother), stopped to peek at the koi in the fish pond, took a breather under a giant oak, and watched families as they biked and walked their dogs through the grounds.

VMFA family photos

Museum District family photos

Baby boy photography

VMFA photography

Children photos

VMFA family photography

Richmond Couples Photos

Extended Family Photos

Richmond family pictures

Southside maternity photographer

West End family photographer

Fun family photos

RVA family pictures

VMFA family photos

Glen Allen baby photographer

Northside family photographer

Midlothian maternity photographer

Outside family photography

Richmond maternity photographer

Chesterfield family photos

Priyanka and Prasad, thank you for letting me be part of your cradle ceremony, and for letting me get these photos for you before you said goodbye to such important family. Mukund has grown by leaps and bounds in the last 6 weeks, and his wild hair and dark eyes promise to make him a problem for the ladies of his generation. 😉

Let Priyanka and Prasad know which family photos are your favorite below in the blog!


5 thoughts on “The River That Flows: VMFA Family Photos

  1. Awesome Clicks!
    Such a cute family,I Love every pic for the beautiful Smiles, brilliant colors and beyond…
    Great job AP.

  2. A very photogenic family. Beautiful photos, and these will make wonderful gifts for family and friends. I especially like the last family photo, the baby and his mommy, the baby alone (he’s adorable!), and with the flowers, dad, mom and baby… excellent. And you can’t tell it was a hot day.

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