We Are Here – Welcome to 2021

“We’ah he-ah!” My almost-three-year-old is entering the phase where he dramatically announces our arrival in the car as we get to where we’re going. He also has a great desire to make the announcement before anyone else, so he has also started asking many times during each car trip whether or not “we’re here” yet.

We are here

Lucky for me, “Are we here” is easily answered by “yes, we are here,” because simply, we are. We are here. This is the point on the map where we currently exist. Traveling from one place to another, growing from one life phase to another. We are here in our current form, and this moment may pass us quickly, or we may pause and stay here for a bit longer. And since time is all relative, it may feel like both are happening simultaneously. Can I get an amen from the baby parents in the back?

Central Virginia family photographer

January 2021 marks ten whole years of Allison Patel Photography being a tax-paying, licensed business, and one whole year since I left my 8-5 job and made this my full-time gig. It sometimes feels like that’s backwards; like it’s been ten years since I left VCU in January 2020. And in some ways I’m approaching my business like this is my first year, without the questionable web design choices. I’m implementing some changes this year that will help streamline my business, make things easier for you to navigate, and I’m cutting things that don’t serve you or me.

Beginning January 15th, some of my session prices will be increasing, while the items I’ll be offering as part of the session packages will bring more value. For reference, here is my current family pricing.

I’m also reformatting the products I offer, deleting the pieces that are less popular, refining the options on the products I keep, and making prints more accessible.

We are here, at the beginning of 2021, in our various life stages, with all of our current titles and roles. If you want to document your present location with your family (physically, emotionally, or anything in between), contact me to schedule your family session for 2021, and we can discuss whether it’s in your best interest to book now or wait until the 15th.

Richmond lifestyle family photographer