How To Torture Yourself with What If

What’s black, white, and red all over? A very cute, striped top that I wore once to work and promptly managed to get ink on (the white part, of course) during a meeting. It then sat in my closet for a month while I fretted about how to clean it. I debated, hemmed and hawed. Should I wash it separately (what a waste of water) or put it in a load with other delicate items (what if the colors ran)? What if I washed it and it wasn’t soft anymore? What if this soft, cute, makes-me-look-skinnier-than-I-am shirt was only good for one wear?

So it lay on the floor, crumpled in a heap, while I debated in my head. Day after day I walked past the heap, my blood pressure rising with each glance.

Debating in my head made me feel like I was doing something about my problem, because it was constantly on my mind. In reality though, I had done nothing but stress about this shirt and lament the loss, before anything had even happened. In my head I had washed it, the colors had bled, the soft cotton had pilled into a rough scratchy tweed, and I had already mourned my loss.

I went through this cycle every time I saw the shirt on the floor. Wash-bleed-pill-loss-mourn. It hiked my blood pressure, made me sad for no reason, and did absolutely nothing to solve my actual issue of an ink mark on an otherwise-fine, still soft, and still super cute top. I had deprived myself of weeks of being able to wear this delightful shirt because of my paralysis and inability to make a decision.

My desire for a perfect outcome, mixed with my fear of disappointment, left me sad and stressed out. If I had just made a decision, followed my instinct, and washed the shirt with other delicate items per the instructions on the shirt tag, I could have worn it again and moved on to the next to-do on my endless list. 

What If Torture

What item on your endless to-do list can you make a quick, instinctive decision about right now, so you can move on? Is hiring a professional for a task feasible, to get it off your plate? Contact them today! 

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