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What’s Worth More?

What’s worth more to you today, a download of 30 digital images or a canvas of your family in your living room? What if having the download means you also need to do the work of selecting, printing, prepping, and hanging the finished product, while the canvas means it’s all done for you? Does that change the value for you?

What about in 5 years? What will be worth more, 30 files that you never did anything with, or the canvas that is still hanging in your house, reminding you of the fun you had on the photo shoot that you did when your kids were 5 years younger? Having gotten 5 years of use out of that canvas, and no use out of the 30 downloaded files, it seems like an easy choice. So why do so many people choose the files over the canvas?

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I think there’s a couple of reasons why people tend to choose downloadable files over a finished product, but the one I hear the most is the thought that the files are a better deal. When you’re getting a ton of downloadable files, it feels like you’re getting a better deal than just one finished image hanging on the wall. 30 is greater than 1, after all. But 30 files that you have to sort through, decide what to do with them, then research the best way to do that thing AND THEN do it… how much is your time worth?

Once you’ve put in all the work to figure out what to do with the photo(s) you decided to use, what happens to the other photos you paid for and downloaded? Do they sit there on your laptop, gathering metaphorical dust? (Pixel dust? omg that sounds adorable.) How much are you paying for them to sit around for years without looking at them?

Richmond kids photographer

What if I offered you a free mobile app for your phone and/or tablet, that you could share with as many people as you wanted for no charge? What if I offered this app along with the freedom of you not having to go through the hassle of research, ordering, and work of printing and hanging your family art?

The good news is that I already offer the app, free with every session. So you’ll always have a collection of the images we took together, free to share with family and friends, and the freedom of not having to do all the work yourself.

As a reminder, I’m currently shooting evenings and indoor sessions until mid-September, then I am taking a hiatus until early November. My November slots are also limited and filling up fast, so take a look at my family and newborn pricing and contact me to reserve a spot before they’re gone!