better baby photos at home video

Taking Better Baby Photos at Home: a Video

I’ve done it. If there’s anything I’m not a fan of, it’s hearing my own voice on voicemail (I know, I know, who still uses voicemail?). There’s just something about hearing a recording of my own voice that makes me shudder and cringe. Now ratchet that up a hundred times and that’s how I feel about seeing a video of myself. Live presentations aren’t my forte (I used to bribe people to do them for me when I worked at VCU) and recording a presentation for people to watch over and over at their leisure makes me want to hide under the covers. But I’ve done it. I’ve created a video on taking better baby photos at home, creatively entitled “Better Baby Photos at Home.”

Better baby photos at home video

It’s a long video, 20 minutes in fact, and it’s jam-packed with tips from lighting to composition and newborn safety to what to wear and how to prep your babe. I even give you some questions to ask yourself as you search for a professional, if you’re headed in that direction.

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I talk for 20 minutes (hold your questions to the end, please) about taking pictures, and could probably have talked for another 20 because – shocker – I love talking about pictures. I also love taking photos, and baby photos in particular. All of the photos in the video are mine, and include personal images of my kids as well as photos I’ve taken in the last year for families with new babies. I’m excited to share the video (muted, of course) with anyone who wants to take better baby photos at home. Here’s where you can find it:

Whether you watch it on mute (sorry, no captions on my first video) or listen to me prattle on with a cup of coffee in-hand, I hope the video helps you and inspires you to take better baby photos at home. Let me know how you put it into practice!

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