A mother and son embrace tightly on Westhampton Green at University of Richmond.

Mothers and Sons: a U of R family session

I’m finally catching up on season 4 of The Crown, and just watched the episode with Margaret Thatcher’s missing son. I won’t spoil it for you if you haven’t seen it, but the main theme of the episode was centered around favorite children. Margaret’s daughter is annoyed at the clear favoritism her mother has for […]

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White heterosexual parents and baby in home lifestyle newborn photography session

The Truth About Aspect Ratio

I felt a little click-baity writing the title for today’s blog. The Truth About Aspect Ratio. Like there’s some sort of dramatic reveal. The real truth about aspect ratio is that it’s boring, and the “ratio” part can make non-math people turn their brains off (hi) at the start. But aspect ratio is a technical […]

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