Simple, beautiful six-image collage on the wall

Collage: A Simple, Beautiful Wall Display

A couple of weeks ago, I introduced albums as a beautiful, simple way to keep your photos together after a family or newborn session. They look amazing together in a book, and you can look at them anytime you remember that you want to look at them and remove them from the shelf. Albums are a fantastic long game product. They’re in it for the long haul, and you can pull out the album 10 years from now and see them beautifully preserved in one place. Today, I want to talk about collage.

Simple, beautiful six-image collage on the wall

Gallery walls are my favorite type of display. The variety of images allows your eye to catch a different image each time you walk down the hall so you don’t get bored with it for a while, and a gallery is a great option for making sure your kids see themselves in photographs. So while albums are great for the long haul, wall displays are perfect for allowing you to enjoy your photos each day.

If you like the idea of a gallery but the thought of the work involved makes you cringe, you might want to consider a collage. I hung this collage last week in less than an hour, including the time it took me to vacuum the floor (because moving the crib meant I definitely needed to vacuum the floor), and the pauses to take photos of my progress. It was so fast and easy, and when I was done I had a level, perfectly-spaced collage gallery on the wall. It was pretty beautiful too, if I do say so myself.

Wall collage hanging over a crib in a nursery

The photos are printed on slightly textured archival photo paper, which is accurate and realistic in color tone. Then the photos are mounted on two layers and types of foam board before being mounted on hardboard for hanging. They have hanging webs on the back of each photo that were surprisingly easy to hang, even on the photos that had multiple pegs to reach.

The template makes the whole process so simple, especially if you have a level. I used painter’s tape to hang it and then adjusted it until the level bubble was perfectly centered. I knew that the pins would be level because of the cross-hairs bulls-eye in the center of each template square. The included foam squares for the little photos meant that they wouldn’t get jarred out of alignment when someone walked down the hall on the other side of the wall.

Hanging a collage in progress, with the two larger pieces hanging and the pegs showing for the other pieces

I have this six-image collage available in the store when you get your client gallery, but if you’re really into collage and want a more elaborate display, there are more options that I can go over with you on a one-on-one basis, so we can find the display that really speaks to you and your space.

A collage hanging on the wall, viewed from the side to show thickness and depth.

Also, this is a new product, so if you’re a previous client and would love to see your last session displayed in a collage, hit me up to reactivate your gallery, and you can order yours today. For $299, you get 6 images (three 5×5″ squares, one 11×11″ square, one 5×11″ rectangle, and one 11×17″ rectangle). And if you want, I’ll even come into your home and hang it for you for free. (I’ll be fully vaccinated by the end of the month.)

6-image collage of a newborn and family, created by Allison Patel Photography and hanging above a crib in a nursery