A dog sniffs a newborn baby's foot while the baby sleeps peacefully at home during a newborn photography session in Midlothian, Virginia

Midlothian Newborn Photography

Have you ever gotten every green light on Hull Street between 288 and Woodlake? Me neither. I showed up to my newborn photography session in Midlothian a full 8 minutes early, and the GPS and I couldn’t believe it. I had time to post a selfie on Instagram, listen to a good song, and saunter up the driveway with time to spare. Penny met me at the door and alerted everyone to my arrival. After she inspected me and my bags, she begrudgingly let me in and let me know to stay away from the baby girl sleeping on the couch through the hubbub.

I love newborn photo sessions because of the challenge they present. No two sessions are ever the same; each home and each family is different. The magical light we’re chasing could be in a bedroom, or the family room, or even the kitchen. The best light in my house is in the bathroom, go figure. The best light in Megan’s Midlothian house streamed cheerfully through the windows in the office, so that’s where we spent the majority of our newborn photography time.

Each baby is different, too. Some babies have so much FOMO they can’t possibly close their eyes while I’m there snapping away, while some love sleep so much they can’t be bothered with the stranger and her camera. I love both personality types. I love the ones who wrinkle their foreheads with the effort of keeping their eyes open for 90 straight minutes, and I love the ones who doze peacefully no matter how much we move them around.

This particular tiny person was the latter, napping here and there around the house, moving from Mama to Daddy and back again. Even Penny’s cold, wet nose nudging her every once in a while did nothing to wake her, nor did a full-on diaper change, which was pretty impressive.

A dog sniffs a newborn baby's foot while the baby sleeps peacefully at home during a newborn photography session in Midlothian, Virginia

I love tailoring a session around different family dynamics, too. Furry family members, older siblings, extended family members, new parents – each family is unique and beautiful, and I enjoy finding the ways that each family is different during our time together.

It wasn’t until the end of our session, when she started getting hungry, that she started to put up a fuss. It was pretty impressive that she lasted so long. But Penny was right there, to comfort her sister and poke her with a wet nose to make sure she was okay.

Megan, your family is beautiful and I’m so excited to welcome you to the Parenting Club. Thank you for letting me into your home and for such a fun, sweet session.

And just in case you’re wondering – I did not hit all the green lights on my way back up Hull Street. I think my previous green light experience was like the DVD Logo scene in the Office. I saw it. I saw it, and it was amazing.