A mother and son embrace tightly on Westhampton Green at University of Richmond.

Mothers and Sons: a U of R family session

I’m finally catching up on season 4 of The Crown, and just watched the episode with Margaret Thatcher’s missing son. I won’t spoil it for you if you haven’t seen it, but the main theme of the episode was centered around favorite children. Margaret’s daughter is annoyed at the clear favoritism her mother has for her brother. Mr Thatcher tries to comfort his daughter by telling her that mothers and sons just have “that bond.” It’s ridiculous but also true. I don’t know what it is, but the bond that mothers and sons have is different from any other.

This bond is no different for Beth and Carter. The bond that they have as mother and son is strong and sweet and wonderful to watch, even during the short time we spend together annually. Their depth in conversations has developed over the last 7 years, obviously as he has grown and their relationship has developed. But they have always made each other laugh, and laughter is clearly an important part of their life. The love they have for each other is strong and stable and supportive, and very visible.

We spent this year’s session wandering the grounds of U of R, examining arches and flowering bushes. I asked about art media and favorite classes (a weird question during online school, sorry). We also laughed a ton and ran and jumped off brick walls. I asked Beth if she wanted any photos of herself and she laughed a no thank you. And then Carter attacked her with a hug, and held his mama tight with no prompting. He gets me. I was happy to document that connection for him to remember for years to come. Because really, there is no bond like the bond that mothers and sons have. Mr. Thatcher said so.

Beth and Carter, thank you for meeting with me and suggesting such a fun place for our photos this year! I had to scout it more than once to find the right spots, but it was well worth it, in my opinion.

A boy smiles in a window of a porch on a sunny day at University of Richmond in Henrico, VA.