Newborn Album: A Favorite Way to Display Photos

Have you hesitated to have newborn photos taken by a professional because you don’t know what you’d do with them afterward? Did you hire a photographer and go through the experience, just to leave the photos on your hard drive for a year or more while you try to decide how to best display them? You might consider a newborn album, to keep all your favorites together and in a place where you can look at them regularly.

Newborn photo album

The albums I sell are printed on photographic lustre paper (smooth, with a slight texture), that decently hides fingerprints. Photographic means it feels like a photo, not a piece of magazine paper or book paper. Because it IS a photograph. The pages are printed on giant rolls of photo paper and then cut down for the book. That means you get the same excellent skin tones, sharp details and accurate color that you get from my prints.

Newborn photo album

The pages are glued onto thin white boards to keep the pages stiff and sturdy. They are bound together and lay flat when the book is opened. That means you can have photos in the album that are big enough to span two pages. No more losing part of the photo to “the crack” (aka the fold).

Now let’s talk album covers. (Not these.) You can choose the cover for your photo album, based on the feel you want it to have. Want something casual? Choose a photo from your gallery to be the cover. Want something a little more timeless? Choose a solid fabric (textured) or faux leather (smooth) cover and emboss it with the title of your choosing. If you’re wondering what to choose for a title, don’t think too hard. The classic Baby Name + Birthdate is simple and to the point.

Archival newborn album

The best part about my newborn album is that I’ll put it together for you. I’ll send you the proof for approval and ship it off to the printer. Then after it arrives and I’ve checked it for quality, I’ll deliver it to you. You won’t have to do any of the work. You can favorite the photos in your gallery that you want included, or let me choose them for you. I can even include photos from our maternity session so that you have your story of pregnancy + newborn baby together.

If you’re expecting a baby, (or if we’ve worked together in the past and you have a dusty hard drive full of digital images), I can help you. Click here to hit me up and ask how we can create a newborn album for you that will last.

In-home newborn photos