Norfolk home newborn photography

Norfolk Home Newborn Photos

It’s a funny thing, when you become an aunt or uncle. At least for me, being very new to this experience, I’ve found a new connection to my brother and sister-in-law that I didn’t have before. When I arrived at their Norfolk home in January, a mere two weeks after my niece was born, I was met with the same tired eyes and content smiles that I’d seen in the mirror for the last three years, and I felt our common bond grow a little tighter.

Their home in Norfolk faces east, and their bedroom was flooded with the kind of light that photographers dream about. Mid-morning sun streamed through the windows and we used literally every nook and cranny in that room. Gunter the cat watched me from his sunny spot on the floor, and made sure I was not the source of her hunger pang cries.

She was wide awake through most of our session, even after pausing to eat and change, which was fine with me. I love a babe that’s content to be awake and snuggly. It was surprising how awake she was, after keeping her parents up all night the night before.

She watched as her daddy made faces and her mama laughed. When we moved to individual mama/daughter and daddy/daughter photos, she melted into daddy’s arms and snuggled into Mama. She clearly felt safe and secure with both of them.

I always find it interesting how quickly parents learn how to soothe their new babies. In the thick of the newborn phase, I felt like I couldn’t get any of that right for months. Of course, looking back and seeing photos, I realize how quickly that actually happened and well we did early on. It’s much easier to see from an outsider’s perspective as well. The parents I work with are so capable and seem like pros even mere days into parenthood. You’re doing a great job, even if it doesn’t feel like it right now. Your perspective will shift as you come out of the thick cloud of newborn-dom.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these Norfolk home newborn photos! I don’t drive 64 much these days (and can’t say I miss it) but I’ll drive hours to make sure new parents have photos of this time.

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