Online Ordering: What to Expect

I like meeting clients after our photo session, going through the photos together and hearing the oohs and aahs as you sift through the images. Online ordering has always been an option, but I like sifting together and seeing if my favorites are your favorites. In this new world, though, I’ve put in-person ordering sessions on hold to help minimize contact (come on, vaccine). So in the vein of preparing you for the unexpected, here’s part 1 of what happens with your pictures after the camera stops clicking.

Depending on the length of our session, it typically takes a week or two to edit the images and get them into your online, password-protected gallery. Particularly when I’m editing during naps and after the kids have gone to bed, it can take up to two weeks for a 90-minute lifestyle session to go through my process.

Online photography ordering gallery

Once your session is loaded into the gallery, you’ll get an email with the link and the password. Sidenote: you’re allowed to share the gallery link and password with anyone you like. This is particularly helpful if you have out-of-town family or friends that might want to make their own purchases without you playing middleman. They should log in with their own email, not yours.

Richmond family photographer

Once you log in, you’ll see the photos arranged in chronological order. I tend to arrange them that way because it’s easier on my brain to see them in the order that I remember the events happening.

Little girl photography

Above the photos on the right side is a menu with several options to help you navigate your gallery.

Online ordering gallery Allison Patel Photography

Compare Photos allows you to compare any two photos from the gallery side-by-side. It can help you decide which photos you like and which photos you really love and want on your wall. You can “favorite” photos to help mark the ones that make you see heart-eye emojis.

Share allows you to share the link to the gallery on social media. Pretty self-explanatory.

Slideshow lets you kick back and watch your session images at a leisurely pace. You might choose to view the slideshow before scrolling through and looking more closely at individual images.

Buy Package will show you the pre-made packages that are available for sale. If you’re looking for the easiest way to ensure your photos get hung and displayed, packages might be your jam. You can click on each package to learn more.

Wall gallery packages

If these packages are almost-but-not-quite what you’re looking for, shoot me an email or text. I can help you create a wall gallery that fits your style and available wall space. Sidenote: I am more than happy to talk wall galleries before you ever agree to hire me. Email me or text me (804-286-0314) and show me your blank walls.

Virginia family photography

Coming next time: How to decide what to do with the photos in your online gallery so they don’t end up like my wedding photos. On an unrelated note, does anyone have a CD drive on their computer? Because I do not.