RVA Summer photography Libby Hill

RVA Summer Session: Libby Hill Park

I first met Cassie when she was two days old, during a different RVA summer. Holding her in the hospital, she gave me a glare through one half-opened sleepy eye and I lovingly nicknamed her Sassy Cassie. The name has stuck for the last four years, thanks to all her sass and spice and spirit. Sassy means “bold in spirit” and she is definitely bold in spirit. Bold, bright, and delightful to spend a humid summer evening with in Libby Hill Park.

We originally scheduled Cassie’s 4-year-old milestone photos for earlier in July. In true RVA summer fashion, our scheduled day was the hottest day of the year. We smartly postponed a few days to avoid a heat index of 112. Instead, I pulled up at the curb in Churchill in a sudden and unexpected rainstorm. I could see the edges of the cloud that was unleashing the rain on a tiny area of the city. It was a summer storm that didn’t show up on radar, that seemed to only have eyes for us and our photo shoot. We waited a few minutes and it finally petered off, leaving a steamy July evening with sticky air. The humidity didn’t deter my young client.

Cassie was excited to get started, and showed me some of her best twirls as we made our way through the park. She bounced from ballet to hula dance to her best boogie, and then freeze-framed her pearly whites in a show-tunes-like finale. She was more than happy to let loose in a new (to her) park.

Libby Hill Park has so many great spots and we flitted around the park, pausing among the crepe myrtles and tall grasses. We told knock-knock jokes and I messed up the classic “knock knock – who’s there – banana” joke. She laughed anyway.

We finished our session with some Mama and Daddy and family shots. With the sticky air feeling even stickier, we ended at the fountain, with the James in the background.

RVA Summer photo session at Libby Hill Park

It was so wonderful to see friends, to go out in Richmond and converse with people I’m not related to. I hope you had as much fun as I had during our RVA summer session!

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