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The Long Con: A Photography Product that Lasts

The long con is a trick that takes a long time to develop before payoff, but this is no trick. Photo albums/books, when created well, and stored right, will be around for a long time – long enough for your kids and grand-kids and possibly even great-grand-kids to enjoy. You can tell “The Story of Tonight,” and then retell it for the next 50 years.

Maternity photographer

Tell the story of your first pregnancy, or your daughter’s first month. Reminisce about that time your family came from the other side of the world so your son could get to know his grandparents. Tell the story of how your baby boy loved baths and story time. Laugh about how your daughter hated being naked long enough to change a poopy diaper. Remind them (and yourself) long after they’ve grown up and forgotten about how they mispronounced “spoon.” Remember how they shared their toys and knew all the Star Wars characters before they could speak in full sentences.

Family pictures

Your kids can share memories with their kids of going with you to the park, climbing trees and riding bikes. They’ll remember visiting with Nana and Papa, learning to bake and hearing old stories. The oldest will remember what it was like to be an only child, and the youngest will see what life was like before they arrived. The books will be there as a visual aid, to help show instead of just tell. They’ll see with their eyes how much they were loved from the very beginning, before they can even remember.

Pictures for the Long Haul

Photos by themselves are great, and wall galleries can tell a story together, until you update your decor. Books are the long con, though. They’re an easy way to keep all your memories from an event or day together.  You can easily store them on a bookshelf to be brought out time and again through the years.

So next time you hire a professional, ask about the album options, and get your memories in print.


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